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Allow scorecards to be filterable by account.

Today, scorecards can be filtered by Totango user. We need the ability to create scorecards then filter those scorecards by account.
Jeremy Donaldson 4 months ago in Scorecards 1 Collecting Feedback

Duplicate/Copy scorecard goals and their KPIs

Problem: When setting up another goal with the same KPI views but for a different segment. Currently you have to create the new Goal and then recreate each KPI one-by-one. Very manual and time consuming. Example: We have our Renewals Scorecard wit...
Daniel about 2 months ago in Scorecards 1 Collecting Feedback

Expandable and Exportable Scorecards

It is absolutely necessary to have expandable scorecards. I should not have to scroll to see all of the components of a chart. You can see the attached file for an example of how currently limiting the size is. We want to be able to prove to our C...
Nicole DeFour about 2 months ago in Scorecards 0 Collecting Feedback

The ability to drive impact on scorecards - textual formatting

The ability to add formatting to the headers in a Scorecard, like Bold, Italic etc. to the text to drive impact.
Laurence Dean 3 months ago in Scorecards / User Experience 1

Present Multi-List Attributes from Collections in Scorecards

I would like to be able to create a Pie Chart KPI that shows a breakdown of how many times each value in a Multi-List attribute were utilized. Example being Upsell Opportunities, where some opportunities may have multiple values (Users+Plan), and ...
Guest 19 days ago in Collections  / Scorecards 0 Collecting Feedback

Ability to drag Scorecards

When you create a few scorecards let's say 10 but you want to change the order, the only option to move them is with left or right, but it will so much better and faster to have the ability to drag them and put them in the place you want.
Guest 3 months ago in Scorecards 0 Collecting Feedback

Format Scorecards

The ability to over ride the dynamic formatting on a score card so that you can drive a common look and feel. See example.... all the score cards should look the same... 100k not 100,000. And is there any real value when you are talking about thou...
Laurence Dean 3 months ago in Scorecards 0 Collecting Feedback

Ability to copy a scorecard to another Success Bloc

I often want to use the same reporting in another success bloc but I don't want to have to recreate the whole thing.
MĂ©lanie O' Donovan 4 months ago in Scorecards / SuccessBlocs 0 Collecting Feedback

Scorecard name alias

The ability to add a alias to the segment description at the bottom of the score card, much the same that you can add a sub heading. If the segment has a description to to function in another manner, sometimes the name does really fit with the sco...
Laurence Dean 3 months ago in Scorecards 0 Collecting Feedback

Scorecards legend

I wish I could see the whole legend for a score card when I want to make a screenshot to use the scorecard outside TT. Here I can display the meaning of only 3 colors. Inside TT, that's ok, but not when shared via screenshots. Ability to display t...
Simon Oliveau 9 months ago in Scorecards 0 Collecting Feedback