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Ability to customize Contacts module

Our Contacts module only displays Name, Account Role, and Account name. We currently use another attribute to assign roles, and it would be great to be able to replace Account Roles with this attribute instead, or in addition to. (The reason we ar...
Linda Kuo 5 months ago in Account Profiles / Contacts 2 Collecting Feedback

Contacts Tab on Account Profile

It would be ideal to have an additional tab on the account profile - key info, timeline, plan, usage, assets, and CONTACTS. It would facilitate better contact management and visibility. The current contacts widget is small and requires several cli...
Kirsten Bardwell 2 months ago in Account Profiles / Contacts 1 Collecting Feedback

UTF-8 accents search for Accounts

For example: Borlänge Kommun (Swedish)Bolloré (French) Use case: As native English users, I would generally search first for “borlange” or “bollore” without UTF-8 accents. In these cases, the current search function is relaxed enough to return Use...
Guest about 2 months ago in Account Profiles 0

Customize 'Usage' Tab, 'Contact' Pages

Hi team, We would love to see more ability to customize certain areas within the Account Profile, such as the 'Usage' tab. In an ideal world, we'd be able to pull in whatever user attributes we'd like to this section to make it more all-encompassi...
Guest about 1 year ago in Account Profiles / Totango Admin 0 Collecting Feedback

Optimizations for All Children / All Parents view of Timeline

I'm hoping to recommend 2 improvements to the Timeline view of a given account. 1. By default, most of my team *always* wants to view all children when viewing a timeline. It'd be awesome if we could co...
Luke Johnson 9 months ago in Account Profiles / Totango Admin 1 Collecting Feedback

Editing Text Attribute Without Suggested Text

When We add text in the field there is a list of irrelevant suggestions the system has and this is not user friendly at all. I ask this will be an option - if someone has the need for automatic suggestion they will use one kind of free text attrib...
Guest 5 months ago in Account Profiles / APIs & Data 3 Collecting Feedback

Decide what sub account fields to show on the parent account

Right now it just shows the name, the contract value and the health. But we have other attributes like customer journey stage that we would like to know for sub accounts rather than contact value. It would be good to be able to edit the fields tha...
Mélanie O' Donovan 5 months ago in Account Profiles 2 Planned

Account Notes Section in Overview that is accessible from Segments too

Totango really lacks in ability to keep a static notepad where CSMs can put high level summaries and updates on an account that can easily be viewed by everyone else. An expandable note pad underneath the "Key Info" module on the Account Overview ...
Daniel 2 months ago in Account Profiles / Segments 0 Collecting Feedback

Add Totango Account ID to account's Key Info

Our Account IDs are also our customer differentiator in the product. Having that number in the Key Info section of accounts would be super handy! Our current workaround is to reference the end of the page url (which isn't intuitive).
Shona Fenner 4 months ago in Account Profiles 0 Collecting Feedback

Remember my "hierarchical view settings" under timeline and contacts for each account

Currently for an account there are two places where "hierarchical view settings" can be applied. For example , Under Timeline I can select View as Current Account or Direct Parents etc The same goes for Contacts as well. As a user once I have set ...
Pulkit Saini 6 months ago in Account Profiles / Totango Admin 0 Collecting Feedback