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On Plan tab, display Objective "Status, Category, and Start/End Date" fields

Displaying these additional objective data points (status, category, start/end dates) will allow the CSM to quickly see objective status/dates while working on the Plan tab. It'll make their process more efficient as they won't have to waste time ...
Jane Kang 20 days ago in Outcome Success Plans 0 Planned

Link to Tasks and Touchpoints

Apologies if this has already been posted but I'd love the ability to share links to specific Tasks and Touchpoints.
Ariel McCollough 8 months ago in Touchpoints 2 Collecting Feedback

Link Tasks to GH Issues

Success Plans in GitHub allow customers to engage; a vital communication channel when collaborating to deliver and track success. Can totango be fired as a webhook in order to update tasks when corresponding GitHub issues are created/updated/close...
Guest about 2 months ago in  2 Planned

Success Plan Task Dependencies

Success Plans in Totango require tasks that require completion to deliver success. MS project allows task dependencies. Totango does not. Does this capability exist?
Guest about 2 months ago in SuccessPlays and Tasks 0 Collecting Feedback

NPS and CSAT additional questions

Allow the NPS and CSAT surveys to ask additional questions and comments instead of the two it is restricted to currently. We have 4 additional questions we would like to ask out customers with each NPS or CSAT response they give us.
Guest 11 days ago in NPS/CSAT 0

Super Admin login for IT team that doesn't count as a Spark Seat

Our IT team manages users and user access in all of our systems. It would be nice for them to have super/global admin access with out it counting as a spark seat.
Guest 11 days ago in Totango Admin 0

Team Spotlight - filter by team

Viewing by team would be helpful, instead of by role.
Kirsten Bardwell 23 days ago in  0

Ability to define Contract Value type (Annual/Monthly) on Account Level

We have accounts on Monthly/Quarterly/Annual subscriptions, and currently in the Revenue Center Settings it is only possible to define Contract Value representation for all accounts. We cannot do this per account. As a result, Revenue Center is no...
Kate Zatsepa 23 days ago in  0

Ability to merge contacts

If a contact's unique ID ever changes or usage data is imported before a contact has been added Totango will create two separate users and currently there is no way to merge these so the historical data can be preserved. There are a variety of rea...
Guest about 2 months ago in Contacts 0 Collecting Feedback

Adding Tasks to Existing Touchpoints

It would be really handy if "Add task" was an option in the 3 dot menu for existing Touchpoints instead of having to add through the "Follow Up" flow.
Ariel McCollough 8 months ago in Touchpoints 1 Collecting Feedback