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Formulas for SuccessPlay "Update Information" Action

Use the formulas from the Customer Data Hub (to manipulate data being imported) to manipulate data during a SuccessPlay "Update Information" action
Guest about 1 year ago in SuccessPlays and Tasks 0 Collecting Feedback


associate same users w/ different accounts w/ different email addresses (contractors)
Lydia Render 7 months ago in  2 Not Planned

Reports, Segments

download historical changes across all accounts, or run a segment with 2 attributes (i.e. accounts with a specific attribute value during a specific time frame)
Lydia Render 7 months ago in APIs & Data / Segments 1 Collecting Feedback

Connectors, Customer Data Hub

Outlook Integration: would like to be able to log TPs without always BCC / capture replies; would like to get a reminder in their calendar when a task is due; would add more convenience
Claire Carlson 7 months ago in Customer Data Hub 0 Planned

Segments, Attributes

The ability to see a macro view of any account that does not have any key contacts assigned. We face issues with this internally at Totango as well. You can pull a segment for "user is key contact" or "user is not key contact" but Ciena and Totang...
Elizabeth Tajonar 7 months ago in  0

Native Integration with Mixpanel

I would love to have a native integration with Mixpanel please for product usage metrics.
Guest about 1 year ago in Customer Data Hub 0 Planned

Required Updates on Specific Account Attributes When Adding a Touchpoint

When I create a touchpoint, I would like a certain account attribute update be required when submitting. An example is updating customer sentiment after every touchpoint.
Guest about 1 year ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

Auto-Fill "Title" of SuccessPlay Tasks

Autofill Touchpoint subject with Task Title. Every single task we need to complete always needs a "Subject" line, and this can be tedious. Can we automate this?
Jennie Hayes about 1 year ago in SuccessPlays and Tasks 0 Collecting Feedback

Replacing 20k Email Limit Error with a Option to Choose the most 10-20k Characters

Good idea to replace the error message for when hitting the 20k char limit.. Add a option to choose between the most current 10/20k Characters.
Guest about 1 year ago in Campaigns 0 Collecting Feedback

Segment Work View - Remove Task Groupings

Our team wants to use the Segment Work View during their 1:1s to see what actions need to be done and manage their tasks. When they are viewing 40 accounts, the Work View would be good to see open/overdue tasks. However, the tasks are grouped toge...
Emi Sato 7 months ago in Segments 0 Collecting Feedback