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Filter accounts based on attribute changes over time

I'd like to be able to create a report of when an attribute was changed and the value it was changed to on a given date. I'd like to be able to use this attribute change date as a filter for segments.
Guest 9 days ago in Reports 0

Ability to hide Subscription Information > Contract value (ARR)

There are two fields in Totango for Contract Value (ARR): Subscription Information > Contract value (ARR)Attribute > Contract value (ARR) The subscription information field provides the wrong amount, and we have no use for this field. It has...
Krystal Swift Dumesnil 9 days ago in Account Profiles 0

Add form that collects customer data

Onboarding email to customers would like to send an automated email that contains the option to upload files from the email. For example - customers can reply to this email and the files will go directly to Totango or they will receive a link to t...
Guest 9 days ago in Forms / Touchpoints 0

email templates in touchpoints

Allow zoe and spark users to create frequently used email templates with keyword associations for customer names etc. This will rapidly increase productivity rather than retyping emails every time.
Naomi Ralph 3 months ago in Touchpoints 0 Planned

A "Call out" pop up that defines the Touchpoint Reasons when you drag your mouse over top of the Touchpoint Reason on the selection list..

We would like our team members to be able to drag their mouse over a Touchpoint Reason when selecting it, and see a "call out" pop up that would indicated what that particular Touchpoint Reason should be used for when recording their Touchpoint. A...
Michael Brown 4 months ago in Touchpoints 2 Collecting Feedback

Impose a 20,000 soft limit for BCC Touchpoints

Would like the ability to remove the hard limit for BCC'ing touchpoints to Totango which is capped at 20,000 characters. Instead impose a "soft limit" where anything over 20k characters is auto cut vs. blocking the entire log.
Brian Mudge about 1 month ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

Campaign Unsubscribe Improvements

Multiple unsubscribe options should be available through the unsubscribe page, and users should be able to select a campaign type to align with the unsubscribe type (product update, enablement, marketing, system status etc) Unsubscribe override op...
Erica Waldorf 3 months ago in Campaigns 1 Collecting Feedback

Ability to roll up sub account level health to an account level dimension

I would like to be able to use the sub account health as a dimension for the account level health.
Kim Conley 4 months ago in Health 1 Planned

Duplicate/Copy scorecard goals and their KPIs

Problem: When setting up another goal with the same KPI views but for a different segment. Currently you have to create the new Goal and then recreate each KPI one-by-one. Very manual and time consuming. Example: We have our Renewals Scorecard wit...
Daniel about 2 months ago in Scorecards 1 Collecting Feedback

User / Team Splash Page Messages

When you are working as an admin in Totango, sometimes you want to display a message on the front screen as people log in to inform everyone in a Team or even across all the Teams that things are kind of system wide user message but ...
Laurence Dean about 2 months ago in In app 0 Collecting Feedback