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Use Rapid Insights Form to Update Existing line in a Collection rather than creating a new line

We are tracking our customer escalation data via a collection, which the CSM is prompted to fill out when starting an Escalation. Once they are finished with the Escalation, they have to go into the collection and edit additional information (clos...
Colleen Grande 7 days ago in  0

Dedicated Meeting Link section on Touchpoints

I would love for there to be an additional field that is dedicated to a link of a recording of a meeting. While it's great to have it has an attachment, would be easier to quickly access the link without having to click into the attachments.
Colleen Grande 7 days ago in  0

Ability to use all segment types (Account, Collection, Touchpoints, etc) in Reports

Currently, you can only use Account level segments in Reporting. You can't even use an Account level segment that uses collection-level filters within reporting. This is a huge gap - our organization has a lot of critical data in Collections, beca...
Colleen Grande 8 days ago in Reports / Segments 0

Ability to copy a Scorecard

When you are building scorecards, sometimes you need to build a number of them where the difference is minor, but you have to make say 4 of them, one for each quarter or even 12, one per month. So rather than build 12, why cant you simply build on...
Laurence Dean 3 months ago in Scorecards 1 Collecting Feedback

Move Tasks in Bulk

I have a notoriously long task list each day, and I don't like letting them fall into overdues. So every day when I am finished with work, I manually move out each of my tasks to the next work day. This is something I have been doing for years, an...
Guest 2 months ago in SuccessPlays and Tasks 4 Collecting Feedback

Natively support multiple languages for email campaigns

Natively support multiple languages for email campaigns. For organizations supporting global customer success operations and global customers, it would be valuable to send campaign content to customers (Contacts and Users) in their native or prefe...
Kevin Bondonno 29 days ago in Campaigns 0 Collecting Feedback

Ability to customize Contacts module

Our Contacts module only displays Name, Account Role, and Account name. We currently use another attribute to assign roles, and it would be great to be able to replace Account Roles with this attribute instead, or in addition to. (The reason we ar...
Linda Kuo 3 months ago in Account Profiles / Contacts 2 Collecting Feedback

NPS Comment Field

We use a different survey tool and ingest the scores and comments in Totango. However, the comment attribute has a character limit and is cutting off the comments and now we have to leave Totango to review NPS feedback which is not efficient or co...
Nikki Kalavitis 16 days ago in NPS/CSAT 0 Collecting Feedback


We would like the ability to create a checkbox attribute.
Ariel McCollough 4 months ago in APIs & Data 5 Collecting Feedback

Custom Metrics - Metric Creation UI Readability Enhancement for complex metrics

When Custom Metrics are complex, the UI becomes complex to read the metric. Calculation symbols and attributes do not line up and some are hard to read and get hidden. Items do not align. Allowing the custom metric window to be customizable in siz...
Brooke Meneely 8 days ago in  0