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Virtual Collection Segmentation

I would like the ability to create segments on virtual collections. Our CSMs need to be able to easily run a report and see all the integrations their customers are using. Since one customer can have many integrations, we need to bring this inform...
Guest 14 days ago in  0

External font families supported in the Campaign Editor

We would like the ability to use external font families via the HTML editor in Campaigns. This is important for us to deliver consistent branding to our customers via Campaigns in Totango.
Guest 15 days ago in Campaigns / User Experience 0 Collecting Feedback

Create 'OR' Segments

Ability to create "OR" segments
Jeremy Donaldson 9 months ago in Segments 0 Planned

Dashboard Segment Views

Be able to change what attributes are shown in the dashboard segment quick view.
Guest 7 days ago in  0

SSO Enablement, Microsoft SSO Enablement for Mobile App Log In

Currently Mobile Application will not allow SSO log in. SSO should be enabled on the app since many have it set as the only allowable method of log in in the service.
Guest 13 days ago in  0

Account Attributes as Columns on Collection Segments

You can currently FILTER by Account Attributes on a Collection Segment, but you cannot add them as a visible column on the Segment. This makes pulling these reports and sharing them difficult and confusing - you can export and share a report with ...
Colleen Grande 19 days ago in Collections  / Segments 1 Collecting Feedback

Business Hours/Weeks in Tasks

Currently when you set a task on a SuccessPlay to be due in 1 day, if you were to run that play on a Friday, it would set the task due date to be Saturday. I would like the ability to set "business hours" to tasks - instead of making that task due...
Colleen Grande about 1 month ago in SuccessPlays and Tasks 1 Collecting Feedback

Lookup tables in CDH jobs

The job in Totango always connected to one source of information so if we want to combine the results of queries from one source with results of query from different sources we need to do it manually in 3rd data source. Lookup tables which will be...
Anton Razumovskyi about 1 month ago in APIs & Data 0

Date Filter - Current Week

You can currently filter dates in Segments by Current Day, Current Month, and Current Quarter, but there is no option for Current Week. Would love the ability to do Current Week, rather than last 7 days, so that if I pull a Segment on a Tuesday, i...
Colleen Grande 7 days ago in  0

Data Integration: Ability to turn off the automatic creation of accounts, contacts, other records when there is not an ID match

As we were trying to pull in usage data we were unable to select certain contacts to test as we connected Segment to Totango. For example, we created a User ID on the contact and wanted to test 4 contacts to see if the Segment to Totango would flo...
Colleen Grande 7 days ago in  0