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Add form that collects customer data

Onboarding email to customers would like to send an automated email that contains the option to upload files from the email. For example - customers can reply to this email and the files will go directly to Totango or they will receive a link to t...
Guest 2 months ago in Forms / Touchpoints 0

Ability to create 'average number of touchpoints' scorecard KPI

Currently, it is not possible to create average number of touchpoints per account KPI. Essentially I need to divide the number of touchpoints by the number of accounts, but the scorecard only allows me to divide touchpoints by touchpoints. When I ...
Guest about 1 month ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

Faster processing times to "save" or "complete" a task/touchpoint

The amount of time it takes after marking a task complete or saving a touchpoint is longer than ideal. These days the expectations are that things should be saved near-instantaneously once the button is clicked.
Linda Kuo 4 months ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

When creating a new touchpoint, add the key contacts automatically

I would like to ability to select the key contacts when I am creating a touchpoint, instead of sellecting one by one.
Julio Oliveria 3 months ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

Draft section

With a previous company I used for CSM tracking, we would be able to create drafts in customer's timelines and leave there until the day of our call. This draft folder was viewable as soon as we logged in and allowed us to see drafts not yet saved...
Amanda Mingione 6 months ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

Recurring touchpoint

away to add Recurring Toucpoints on both Account and Project level
Guest 4 months ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

Touchpoint Create on Field Change

Ability to create a touchpoint in Totango based on a field change in Salesforce Example: Account tier in Salesforce changes from 1-> 2, create a touchpoint.
Guest about 2 months ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

Share a specific touchpoint to Slack

In lieu of a webhook, I'd like the capability to send an ad hoc touchpoint to slack. I imagine a share button that allows me to send a TP to slack or via email to users w/o a Totango account.
Kirsten Bardwell 3 months ago in Touchpoints 1 Collecting Feedback

Touchpoint Reason - Automatic and Default to

Having the ability to automate/default touchpoint reason based off successplay, task, team
Guest over 2 years ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

Collaborate online for a Touchpoint

We have both an Account Manager (commercial paperwork) and a Research Partner (Research SMEfor user adoption) who work on an account. They will have meetings with the customer together and use a Google Doc to take notes. When the RP is talking/pre...
Emi Sato 3 months ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback