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Change if javascript collector and HTTP API can create accounts/users or only update current accounts

if a customer implements our javascript collector it automatically creates accounts in TT even if that account should not be created. We have customers that don't bring in every account and are creating accounts via a different process (usually th...
Lydia Render about 17 hours ago in  0

Searchbar in Blocked accounts tab

Need a search bar in the Blocked account tab similar to Archive accounts tab
Guest 1 day ago in  0

CSAT Responses widget

Ability to see ALL CSAT Responses similar to how we can set the widget filter to All NPS 
Guest 1 day ago in NPS/CSAT 0

Account Notes Section in Overview that is accessible from Segments too

Totango really lacks in ability to keep a static notepad where CSMs can put high level summaries and updates on an account that can easily be viewed by everyone else. An expandable note pad underneath the "Key Info" module on the Account Overview ...
Daniel 5 days ago in Account Profiles / Segments 0

Dashboard Segment Views

Be able to change what attributes are shown in the dashboard segment quick view.
Guest 7 days ago in  0

Date Filter - Current Week

You can currently filter dates in Segments by Current Day, Current Month, and Current Quarter, but there is no option for Current Week. Would love the ability to do Current Week, rather than last 7 days, so that if I pull a Segment on a Tuesday, i...
Colleen Grande 7 days ago in  0

Data Integration: Ability to turn off the automatic creation of accounts, contacts, other records when there is not an ID match

As we were trying to pull in usage data we were unable to select certain contacts to test as we connected Segment to Totango. For example, we created a User ID on the contact and wanted to test 4 contacts to see if the Segment to Totango would flo...
Colleen Grande 7 days ago in  0

Use Rapid Insights Form to Update Existing line in a Collection rather than creating a new line

We are tracking our customer escalation data via a collection, which the CSM is prompted to fill out when starting an Escalation. Once they are finished with the Escalation, they have to go into the collection and edit additional information (clos...
Colleen Grande 7 days ago in  0

Dedicated Meeting Link section on Touchpoints

I would love for there to be an additional field that is dedicated to a link of a recording of a meeting. While it's great to have it has an attachment, would be easier to quickly access the link without having to click into the attachments.
Colleen Grande 7 days ago in  0

Ability to use all segment types (Account, Collection, Touchpoints, etc) in Reports

Currently, you can only use Account level segments in Reporting. You can't even use an Account level segment that uses collection-level filters within reporting. This is a huge gap - our organization has a lot of critical data in Collections, beca...
Colleen Grande 8 days ago in Reports / Segments 0