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Totango Product Wishlist

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External font families supported in the Campaign Editor

We would like the ability to use external font families via the HTML editor in Campaigns. This is important for us to deliver consistent branding to our customers via Campaigns in Totango.
Guest 3 months ago in Campaigns / User Experience 0 Collecting Feedback

Dark Mode

I would love to use a dark mode for both the web-app as the phone-app.
Mark Govaerts over 1 year ago in User Experience 0 Collecting Feedback

Ability to change font type in all text sections in Totango

When you are typing notes into a "touchpoint" for example, it would be good to have the option to change the font type (this would be especially helpful when copy/pasting text from other applications int Totango to make all the text font the same)
Guest 4 months ago in User Experience 1

The ability to drive impact on scorecards - textual formatting

The ability to add formatting to the headers in a Scorecard, like Bold, Italic etc. to the text to drive impact.
Laurence Dean 5 months ago in Scorecards / User Experience 1 Collecting Feedback

Ability to set colors for Text attribute values

Would it be possible to allow color selections for those Text attributes?So that the same colors reflect in the Scorecard pie-charts
Sean Maguire about 2 months ago in User Experience 0 Collecting Feedback

Add Scrolling for UI Navigation on Smaller Screen Resolutions (1280x800)

Add the ability to scroll down on the main UI when pop up windows do not fit completely on the screen with smaller resolutions. Specifically, the "Next" button on the "Add Objective from Library" pop up becomes hidden on Windows computers using 12...
Guest 2 months ago in User Experience 0

Customize Section Names for Global Nav Help Menu

Request for Juniper: Ability to customize the Section Names in the Global Nav Help Menu.
Ella Eng 5 months ago in User Experience 0 Collecting Feedback