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Ability to customize Contacts module

Our Contacts module only displays Name, Account Role, and Account name. We currently use another attribute to assign roles, and it would be great to be able to replace Account Roles with this attribute instead, or in addition to. (The reason we ar...
Linda Kuo 5 months ago in Account Profiles / Contacts 2 Collecting Feedback

Don't open a new Tab when clicking on a Contact.

Currently, when you're on an account page, if you click on a contact/user, it opens the user page in a new tab, rather than staying on the same page. Maybe make this a preference in settings?
Guest 25 days ago in Contacts 1

Contacts Tab on Account Profile

It would be ideal to have an additional tab on the account profile - key info, timeline, plan, usage, assets, and CONTACTS. It would facilitate better contact management and visibility. The current contacts widget is small and requires several cli...
Kirsten Bardwell 2 months ago in Account Profiles / Contacts 1 Collecting Feedback

Ability to merge contacts

If a contact's unique ID ever changes or usage data is imported before a contact has been added Totango will create two separate users and currently there is no way to merge these so the historical data can be preserved. There are a variety of rea...
Guest 4 months ago in Contacts 1 Collecting Feedback

Ability to see contact associated with multiple accounts

Ability to see contact associated with multiple accounts
Guest about 1 month ago in Contacts 0 Collecting Feedback

View contact timeline

I would like to see the inteactios with a specific contact, like the timeline view for the account but for a contact. When i'm on a contact view in addition to key info and usage i would like to see the touchpoint (emails, meetings, etc) that i ha...
Claudia Vogel 5 months ago in Contacts / Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

Ability to save filter set on contacts widget at the account level

With the recent change that now defaults to showing all contacts for all products at the account level, it would be really helpful if we were able to save the filter you can set per user. Right now, you can set the filter but it only saves it for ...
Guest 10 months ago in Contacts 0 Collecting Feedback


associate same users w/ different accounts w/ different email addresses (contractors)
Lydia Render 9 months ago in Contacts 2 Not Planned