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Totango Product Wishlist

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Add Folder Functionality in Assets Tab at Account Level

Add Folder Functionality in Assets Tab at Account Level, similiar to Successbloc functionality.
Joe Tichenor 12 days ago in Assets 0

Assets folders on Account profile

Ability to create folders on Asset tab on the Account profile
Guest 13 days ago in Assets 0

Folder Functionality in Assets

Can Folder functionality be added to the Assets tab similiar to successplays and campaigns?
Joe Tichenor 5 months ago in Assets 0 Collecting Feedback

Ability to Email Assets into Totango

Similar to the touchpoint email functionality, I would like to request the ability to add assets in the same manner. I would see this as only taking attachments (and not jpeg png etc) to add to the assets for a customer. The moving of touchpoints ...
Guest 3 months ago in Assets 1


Customer would like a way to drag and drop documents into the Asset section rather than having to add one document at a time individually. He understands how to select more than one file to upload - the drag/drop is his request.
Susan Rabano 9 months ago in Assets 0 Collecting Feedback

Adding an 'Assets' tab to the 'My Portfolio' page

Many of my CSM's want to have a place they can store their own personal assets in Totango, since this is where we do most of our work. Since the 'My Portfolio' page in their only space in Totango where all the information and content is specifical...
Guest about 1 year ago in Assets / My Portfolio 0 Collecting Feedback