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Totango Product Wishlist

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Ability to copy a Scorecard

When you are building scorecards, sometimes you need to build a number of them where the difference is minor, but you have to make say 4 of them, one for each quarter or even 12, one per month. So rather than build 12, why cant you simply build on...
Laurence Dean 5 months ago in Scorecards 1 Collecting Feedback

Drag & Drop to Rearrange Scorecard

The ability to drag and drop Goals and KPIs on our scorecard page rather than having to click move up/down or left/ right would be super convenient and time saving!
Guest 3 months ago in Scorecards 1 Planned

Scorecard sizing

I would really like the ability to change the size of the scorecard similar to how SFDC dashboards work. Some scorecards need to be bigger than others as we are trying to show more info.
Ariel McCollough 5 months ago in Scorecards 0