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Totango Product Wishlist

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CSAT Responses widget

Ability to see ALL CSAT Responses similar to how we can set the widget filter to All NPS 
Guest 1 day ago in NPS/CSAT 0

Contacts Tab on Account Profile

It would be ideal to have an additional tab on the account profile - key info, timeline, plan, usage, assets, and CONTACTS. It would facilitate better contact management and visibility. The current contacts widget is small and requires several cli...
Kirsten Bardwell 12 days ago in Account Profiles / Contacts 1

Recurring Successplay by Weeks, not just every week

You are currently unable to schedule a recurring success play to occur every 2, 3 or 4 weeks and are limited to it only being able to repeat every 1 week. This limits scenarios where it would be required to run a success play on a biweekly basis. ...
Kathleen Berryman about 2 months ago in SuccessPlays and Tasks 1 Collecting Feedback

Account Notes Section in Overview that is accessible from Segments too

Totango really lacks in ability to keep a static notepad where CSMs can put high level summaries and updates on an account that can easily be viewed by everyone else. An expandable note pad underneath the "Key Info" module on the Account Overview ...
Daniel 5 days ago in Account Profiles / Segments 0

Drag & Drop to Rearrange Scorecard

The ability to drag and drop Goals and KPIs on our scorecard page rather than having to click move up/down or left/ right would be super convenient and time saving!
Guest 20 days ago in Scorecards 0

Allow scorecards to be filterable by account.

Today, scorecards can be filtered by Totango user. We need the ability to create scorecards then filter those scorecards by account.
Jeremy Donaldson 4 months ago in Scorecards 1 Collecting Feedback

External font families supported in the Campaign Editor

We would like the ability to use external font families via the HTML editor in Campaigns. This is important for us to deliver consistent branding to our customers via Campaigns in Totango.
Guest 15 days ago in Campaigns / User Experience 0 Collecting Feedback

Create 'OR' Segments

Ability to create "OR" segments
Jeremy Donaldson 9 months ago in Segments 0 Planned

Account Attributes as Columns on Collection Segments

You can currently FILTER by Account Attributes on a Collection Segment, but you cannot add them as a visible column on the Segment. This makes pulling these reports and sharing them difficult and confusing - you can export and share a report with ...
Colleen Grande 19 days ago in Collections  / Segments 1 Collecting Feedback

Business Hours/Weeks in Tasks

Currently when you set a task on a SuccessPlay to be due in 1 day, if you were to run that play on a Friday, it would set the task due date to be Saturday. I would like the ability to set "business hours" to tasks - instead of making that task due...
Colleen Grande about 1 month ago in SuccessPlays and Tasks 1 Collecting Feedback