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Outcome Success Plans

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On Plan tab, display Objective "Status, Category, and Start/End Date" fields

Displaying these additional objective data points (status, category, start/end dates) will allow the CSM to quickly see objective status/dates while working on the Plan tab. It'll make their process more efficient as they won't have to waste time ...
Jane Kang 20 days ago in Outcome Success Plans 0 Planned

See Account Objectives and Plan via Segment

We would like the ability to see the text of the Account Objectives and Plan in a Segment. It would be really helpful to see those in a scrolling fashion account by account to conduct a portfolio review vs having to go into each account separately...
Guest 3 months ago in Outcome Success Plans 0 Planned

Objective Library: Outcome SuccessPlans

More flexibility in the order in which an Objective (from the Objective library) appears in the OSP. They would like the ability to drag/drop the objective in the order which makes most sense to them. Additionally statuses other than "open" or "co...
Mike Sturm 5 months ago in Outcome Success Plans 0 Collecting Feedback

More Granularity in Segmenting on Objectives Status

The "Number of Objectives" attribute counts any objective that has been added to an account. Would be great to be able to specifically count open, completed, overdue, ll separately
Lydia Render 3 months ago in APIs & Data / Outcome Success Plans / Segments 0 Collecting Feedback

Allow for external vs. internal objectives on the SuccessPlan Tab

We would like to create internal account plans (e.g., how to turnaround accounts with low margins) and external account plans that we share with the customer. Is there a way to have distinct sections in the plan and indicate only external ones wou...
Emi Sato 3 months ago in Outcome Success Plans 0 Collecting Feedback

Multiple Tabs for Account Plan

Can the Account Plan have functionality similar with Microsoft OneNote with tabs so you can store multiple plans/archive ones?
Joe Tichenor 7 months ago in Outcome Success Plans 0 Collecting Feedback

Plan Summary on Account page - Request for historical change log

Would be great to have some sort of historical log that captures all changes to the Plan Summary section of a customer account page. I realize history can be captured in the objectives and related tasks/succesplays etc. However, key summary info w...
Guest over 1 year ago in Outcome Success Plans 0 Collecting Feedback