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Allow segment filter "account assigned to" to work regardless of SuccessTeams

Currently this filter only lets you select users that are in YOUR SuccessTeam which means that the segment filter is largely un-usable as users can be located in many different SuccessTeams. It would be great if this filter could look for ANY pers...
Annika Thakrar 6 months ago in Segments / Teams 0 Collecting Feedback

Notification to the account team about CS team change

As a CS Director, when we add an incoming CSM/A to an account in ToTango, I'd like an automated email sent to the Sales folks on an account and/or Slack message sent to the internal-[company name] channel.
Guest about 2 months ago in Teams 0

Executive console: Team Spotlight

Adding the ability to filter "by manager" under account coverage.
Jeremy Donaldson 5 months ago in Teams 0 Collecting Feedback

User Attribute in SuccessTeams

As we often have to copy things from one SuccessTeam to another, the only reason that we cannot use a single SuccessTeam is that we cannot filter the team based on a User attribute. If we could define a user attribute (like country), and the value...
Guest 9 months ago in Teams 0 Collecting Feedback

Team Spotlight > Account Coverage > customization

There is very little customization available for the Team Spotlight currently. Having additional customization options would go a long way in showing the value/impact of a CS team. Ideas for customization options: 1. Increase the number of Perform...
Guest over 1 year ago in Teams  / Totango Admin 0 Collecting Feedback

Assign Tasks to teams

Can assign Tasks to teams and then members of the team can self assign
Guest 3 months ago in SuccessPlays and Tasks / Teams 0 Collecting Feedback