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Add form that collects customer data

Onboarding email to customers would like to send an automated email that contains the option to upload files from the email. For example - customers can reply to this email and the files will go directly to Totango or they will receive a link to t...
Guest 9 days ago in Forms / Touchpoints 0

Give ability to mark fields in Rapid Insight Form of type "Update Collection" as mandatory

Currently, Rapid Insight Forms that are created automatically from the creation of a collection do not allow any editing whatsoever. This means that marking fields as mandatory, which is possible in other Rapid Insight Form types, is not possible ...
Hayden Cederstrom 8 months ago in Forms 0 Collecting Feedback

Share Totango fields with customer

We have some processes in which we need to validate specific information by our customers. I am trying to build a playbook to automate this via the tool, however, there is no capability to share specific field information with customers and have t...
Guest 10 months ago in Forms 0 Collecting Feedback