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Account Attributes as Columns on Collection Segments

You can currently FILTER by Account Attributes on a Collection Segment, but you cannot add them as a visible column on the Segment. This makes pulling these reports and sharing them difficult and confusing - you can export and share a report with ...
Colleen Grande 19 days ago in Collections  / Segments 1 Collecting Feedback

Present Multi-List Attributes from Collections in Scorecards

I would like to be able to create a Pie Chart KPI that shows a breakdown of how many times each value in a Multi-List attribute were utilized. Example being Upsell Opportunities, where some opportunities may have multiple values (Users+Plan), and ...
Guest 19 days ago in Collections  / Scorecards 0 Collecting Feedback

Custom Metrics with values from Collections

We have contract data coming in via collections (multiple things being purchased per account) and need to be able to create custom metrics with collections data points. An example of this would be: (# apples eaten -- account attribute) / (# apples...
Guest 8 months ago in Collections 0 Collecting Feedback

Pull in Account Assignment as possible columns for User/Collection segments

Not very user friendly to see all users but no CSM column.
Rachel Timman 10 months ago in Collections  / Segments 0 Collecting Feedback

Increase Collection Field lengths

There is a known limitation on the number of characters you can use in a Collection field when using the Concatenation feature - the character field reduces from 255 to 179. Concatenation by nature means that you want to leveraging data in Totango...
Laurence Dean 6 months ago in Collections 0 Collecting Feedback

Deleting Items from a Collection via API

In Collections, it looks like we can create an item, and update it, but the last missing feature is deleting an item from the collection via API.
Jennie Hayes over 1 year ago in APIs & Data / Collections  / Customer Data Hub 0 Collecting Feedback