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CSAT Responses widget

Ability to see ALL CSAT Responses similar to how we can set the widget filter to All NPS 
Guest 1 day ago in NPS/CSAT 0

NPS Comment Field

We use a different survey tool and ingest the scores and comments in Totango. However, the comment attribute has a character limit and is cutting off the comments and now we have to leave Totango to review NPS feedback which is not efficient or co...
Nikki Kalavitis 15 days ago in NPS/CSAT 0 Collecting Feedback

NPS and CSAT additional questions

Allow the NPS and CSAT surveys to ask additional questions and comments instead of the two it is restricted to currently. We have 4 additional questions we would like to ask out customers with each NPS or CSAT response they give us.
Guest 11 days ago in NPS/CSAT 0

Customizable Fonts and Background Images for NPS Survey

It would be optimal to have our business font (ex. Roboto) added to the fonts available for the Improve NPS and Loyalty SuccessBLOC survey. Being able to upload our own background image should also be an option. This is important when trying to as...
Nicole DeFour about 2 months ago in NPS/CSAT 0 Collecting Feedback

Account-Level NPS Scores

We have an ongoing campaign that sends NPS surveys regularly to all admins and power-users. It's great to be able to look at the global NPS ratings, and time-slicing the last 90/30 days, but we really need to be able to do this at the account leve...
Jim Coleman about 1 year ago in NPS/CSAT 0 Collecting Feedback

Option to change the default setting for the NPS widget on the Account Profile

we would like to be able to change the the default setting for the NPS widget on the account profile
Marisha Wolfryd 3 months ago in Account Profiles / NPS/CSAT 1 Collecting Feedback

Automatically send NPS Reminder

NPS emails can be easily missed by customers. It would be great if it could be configured to send 1 reminder email to the customer if they have not opened and/or responded to the NPS email in x days
Daniel 6 months ago in NPS/CSAT 0 Collecting Feedback

CSAT - Multiple Languages w/ Single Attribute

Hi, We are rolling out CSAT at our company and in the process of setting it up, we noticed and confirmed with our CSM that there seems to be a gap for global customers who want to send CSAT in various languages yet have the responses flow through ...
Guest about 1 year ago in NPS/CSAT 0 Collecting Feedback

Historical NPS chart

We need to have a historical NPS chart just like the reports ones. This would be a great value to understand how key KPIs as NPS or CSAT have evolved over time.
Guest about 1 year ago in Account Profiles / APIs & Data / NPS/CSAT 0 Collecting Feedback

Ability to set daily or weekly cap for Ongoing NPS Campaigns

The executive and CS teams have a goal to have a constantly current Relationship NPS for our customer portfolio. Our leadership team views this as different from a product NPS. We want the Relationship NPS to uncover "blind spots" of unknown detra...
Guest 10 months ago in NPS/CSAT 0 Collecting Feedback