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Super Admin login for IT team that doesn't count as a Spark Seat

Our IT team manages users and user access in all of our systems. It would be nice for them to have super/global admin access with out it counting as a spark seat.
Guest 11 days ago in Totango Admin 0

Automated account assignment

We assign a CSM to all incoming accounts. We have a tech touch model. We have a high incoming account volume. The first thing we do is then automatically send an introduction letter to the account/user from the assigned CSM introducing the CSM (wh...
Guest 29 days ago in Totango Admin 1 Collecting Feedback

Customize 'Usage' Tab, 'Contact' Pages

Hi team, We would love to see more ability to customize certain areas within the Account Profile, such as the 'Usage' tab. In an ideal world, we'd be able to pull in whatever user attributes we'd like to this section to make it more all-encompassi...
Guest about 1 year ago in Account Profiles / Totango Admin 0 Collecting Feedback

Optimizations for All Children / All Parents view of Timeline

I'm hoping to recommend 2 improvements to the Timeline view of a given account. 1. By default, most of my team *always* wants to view all children when viewing a timeline. It'd be awesome if we could co...
Luke Johnson 7 months ago in Account Profiles / Totango Admin 1 Collecting Feedback

More permission options

It would be nice to have more permission options so that we could define role close to Admin without needing to grant Global Admin to a user so that they could see non critical spaces like Success Flows or Touchpoints. There should be a permission...
Guest 9 months ago in Totango Admin 1 Collecting Feedback

Specific Touch Point Type as Health Metric

It would be great to be able to have a health metric for "escalation" touch points in that if they are occurring, they can have an impact on the client's health.
Guest 27 days ago in Totango Admin 0 Collecting Feedback

Remember my "hierarchical view settings" under timeline and contacts for each account

Currently for an account there are two places where "hierarchical view settings" can be applied. For example , Under Timeline I can select View as Current Account or Direct Parents etc The same goes for Contacts as well. As a user once I have set ...
Pulkit Saini 4 months ago in Account Profiles / Totango Admin 0 Collecting Feedback

Assign more than one account role to the same contact

Currently only one account role can be assigned per user. we have some users who have multiple account roles (e.g. billing contact + champion)
Linda Kuo about 1 month ago in Totango Admin 0

Bulk delete users

Bulk delete users
Lydia Render 6 months ago in Totango Admin 1 Planned

Rollup user or collection attributes on the account level

We want to create attributes on the account levels that are aggregated rollups of attributes on the collection or user level. Right now to achieve this we have an external data pipeline, putting data back to Totango at the account level. Example u...
Guest 3 months ago in Totango Admin 1 Collecting Feedback