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Totango Product Wishlist

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Link to Tasks and Touchpoints

Apologies if this has already been posted but I'd love the ability to share links to specific Tasks and Touchpoints.
Ariel McCollough 10 months ago in Touchpoints 2 Collecting Feedback

Add dynamic data to Touchpoint Templates

Our primary use case for Touchpoint templates is to give CSMs standardized emails to send customers. For example, when a customer submits a cancellation request, they can select the email to send that explains our cancellation process. These effor...
Christina Brown about 2 months ago in Touchpoints 1 Planned

Adding Tasks to Existing Touchpoints

It would be really handy if "Add task" was an option in the 3 dot menu for existing Touchpoints instead of having to add through the "Follow Up" flow.
Ariel McCollough 10 months ago in Touchpoints 1 Collecting Feedback

Touchpoint Reason - Automatic and Default to

Having the ability to automate/default touchpoint reason based off successplay, task, team
Guest over 2 years ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

User page : display related touchpoints

In a user page, I have the related account's link, attributes, campaigns and last usage events. I wish I had touchpoints where this user has been identified as participant, for instance when this client call me and I have to recover the right info...
Simon Oliveau 11 months ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

A "Call out" pop up that defines the Touchpoint Reasons when you drag your mouse over top of the Touchpoint Reason on the selection list..

We would like our team members to be able to drag their mouse over a Touchpoint Reason when selecting it, and see a "call out" pop up that would indicated what that particular Touchpoint Reason should be used for when recording their Touchpoint. A...
Michael Brown 6 months ago in Touchpoints 2 Collecting Feedback

Impose a 20,000 soft limit for BCC Touchpoints

Would like the ability to remove the hard limit for BCC'ing touchpoints to Totango which is capped at 20,000 characters. Instead impose a "soft limit" where anything over 20k characters is auto cut vs. blocking the entire log.
Brian Mudge 3 months ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

Ability to add Touchpoint data/attributes into campaign text

My team would like the ability to add data points based on Touchpoints within the body/text of our campaign emails. Right now, we can only dynamically add account or user level data/attributes. We would find Touchpoint data useful in running our C...
Guest over 1 year ago in Campaigns / Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

Create Contacts through Touchpoint

It would be so great to have the ability to add a person's name in the Touchpoints and when not recognized, be able to select to add as a New Contact from there. Current process is to either manually add new contacts prior to logging the Touchpoin...
Guest over 1 year ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback

Masking Touchpoint email for replies

Currently when someone replies to a touchpoint the touchpoint email address looks like spam. Alisa Laughlin and 13 others We would like this long email address to be masked, so our clients are not confused when it shows up in their reply.
Guest over 1 year ago in Touchpoints 0 Collecting Feedback