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Segments, ZOE

As a ZOE user, I need the ability to find all ZOE available segments rather than using the search bar.
Jeremy Donaldson 5 months ago in Segments / Zoe 0 Collecting Feedback

Editing the email list on Zoe reports and emails

I need to update new email addresses on an existing Zoe email and this cannot be done- See support ticket 54912 for more details. Please add this feature, since if I want to update emails, I need to delete the current Zoe email and create a new on...
Guest 3 months ago in Zoe 1 Collecting Feedback

Allow Zoe users to edit tasks assigned to them

Spark users often create tasks for Zoe users for an account they both are working on. It would be helpful for both users they could collaborate on the tasks they create. At the moment, this isn't possible because Zoe users don't have the ability t...
Hayden Cederstrom 8 months ago in Zoe 0 Collecting Feedback

Zoe Teams Integration

Similar to Slack/Zoe functionality
Jessica Schildt 4 months ago in APIs & Data / Zoe 1 Collecting Feedback

Zoe field for emails and attributes is too small and not user friendly

The field is small on the upper right side, hard to find an attribute from the menu and even more difficult to enter several emails and approve them in this tiny window. Can you make this user friendly? Thanks!
Guest 3 months ago in Zoe 0 Collecting Feedback

User and collection segments available for Zoe

Ability to create user and collection segments within Zoe to have them available for a quick overview in Slack for example.
Guest about 1 year ago in Zoe 0 Collecting Feedback

Zoé ability to edit accounts attributes

Hello Wishlist, hello voters :) I have consultants that work on projects at accounts levels. Touchpoints and tasks are ok for them to do most part of jobs : they have Zoé licence. We use lifecycle attributes to monitor the state of delivery on tho...
Simon Oliveau 9 months ago in Zoe 0 Collecting Feedback