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Account Notes Section in Overview that is accessible from Segments too

Totango really lacks in ability to keep a static notepad where CSMs can put high level summaries and updates on an account that can easily be viewed by everyone else. An expandable note pad underneath the "Key Info" module on the Account Overview ...
Daniel 5 days ago in Account Profiles / Segments 0

Create 'OR' Segments

Ability to create "OR" segments
Jeremy Donaldson 9 months ago in Segments 0 Planned

Account Attributes as Columns on Collection Segments

You can currently FILTER by Account Attributes on a Collection Segment, but you cannot add them as a visible column on the Segment. This makes pulling these reports and sharing them difficult and confusing - you can export and share a report with ...
Colleen Grande 19 days ago in Collections  / Segments 1 Collecting Feedback

Ability to use all segment types (Account, Collection, Touchpoints, etc) in Reports

Currently, you can only use Account level segments in Reporting. You can't even use an Account level segment that uses collection-level filters within reporting. This is a huge gap - our organization has a lot of critical data in Collections, beca...
Colleen Grande 8 days ago in Reports / Segments 0

Targeted User Segment Duplicates

We recently sent an NPS Survey. There are multiple contacts that exist at different product levels. When I create a Users Targeted segment, these duplicates appear. We need a way to remove duplicate users from the Users Targeted segment. For examp...
Guest 27 days ago in Campaigns / Segments 0 Collecting Feedback

copy successbloc

When you copy a SuccessBloc there is no way to select which segments are or are not copied. In some cases you don't want to copy all the segments as they will damage others. You need the ability as an admin to select those that you wish to copy an...
Laurence Dean about 1 month ago in Segments 0 Collecting Feedback

Is not in segment

There are two functions, "Is In Segment" and "Is NOT in Segment" that are really useful in Totango for building complex workflow models. However, these like a number of other elements cannot be copied between SuccessBloc's / Teams as the underlyin...
Laurence Dean about 1 month ago in Segments 0 Collecting Feedback

Automatically exclude account-level aggregated user from segments/campaigns

While this is an internal user, it is shown every time I segment on users and even when I create campaigns (the user shown under the targeted users, but as there is no email, no actual email will be sent to him). Can we exclude this user automatic...
Kirsten Bardwell 23 days ago in Segments 0 Collecting Feedback

See both Account and User filter columns when creating a segment

When you create a segment the only columns you see are from out of the types. So say I am creating a user segment for a campaign and one of the filters is on the account level, as I don't trust data I want to make sure that those people really are...
Petrina Holoszyc 4 months ago in Segments 1 Collecting Feedback

Segments, ZOE

As a ZOE user, I need the ability to find all ZOE available segments rather than using the search bar.
Jeremy Donaldson 5 months ago in Segments / Zoe 0 Collecting Feedback