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My Portfolio, Manually created tasks

End User can create a recurring task for themselves
Lydia Render 8 months ago in My Portfolio 0 Collecting Feedback

My Portfolio Agenda tab - Task Status selection, display all statuses including exceptions

Currently, when in My Portfolio's Agenda tab, clicking all the Task statuses including the 'Exception' options renders no results. As an admin, I want to be able to view many statuses with exceptions so that I can have full oversight on my team.
Shona Fenner 8 months ago in My Portfolio 0 Collecting Feedback

Adding an 'Assets' tab to the 'My Portfolio' page

Many of my CSM's want to have a place they can store their own personal assets in Totango, since this is where we do most of our work. Since the 'My Portfolio' page in their only space in Totango where all the information and content is specifical...
Guest 10 months ago in Assets / My Portfolio 0 Collecting Feedback