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Totango Product Wishlist

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External font families supported in the Campaign Editor

We would like the ability to use external font families via the HTML editor in Campaigns. This is important for us to deliver consistent branding to our customers via Campaigns in Totango.
Guest 15 days ago in Campaigns / User Experience 0 Collecting Feedback

Natively support multiple languages for email campaigns

Natively support multiple languages for email campaigns. For organizations supporting global customer success operations and global customers, it would be valuable to send campaign content to customers (Contacts and Users) in their native or prefe...
Kevin Bondonno 29 days ago in Campaigns 0 Collecting Feedback

Campaign Unsubscribe Improvements

Multiple unsubscribe options should be available through the unsubscribe page, and users should be able to select a campaign type to align with the unsubscribe type (product update, enablement, marketing, system status etc) Unsubscribe override op...
Erica Waldorf 3 months ago in Campaigns 1 Collecting Feedback

Targeted User Segment Duplicates

We recently sent an NPS Survey. There are multiple contacts that exist at different product levels. When I create a Users Targeted segment, these duplicates appear. We need a way to remove duplicate users from the Users Targeted segment. For examp...
Guest 26 days ago in Campaigns / Segments 0 Collecting Feedback

Enable Collection Based Filtering in Campaign Segments and Enable Collection Data as dynamic content in Successplays, Soft Alerts and Campaigns

- Campaign segmentation does not allow filters based on the collection data. We want to be able to filter using collection data in the campaign segmentation and as dynamic content within the campaign -SuccessPlays and Soft Alert content does not a...
Guest 10 months ago in Campaigns 0 Collecting Feedback

Allow SuccessPlays/Campaigns to be triggered on attribute change

We'd like the ability to trigger SuccessPlays and Campaigns based on an attribute's value being updated to any new value. One supporting use-case here would be creating SuccessPlays for when a CSM transitions an account to another CSM. If we could...
Hayden Cederstrom 7 months ago in Campaigns / SuccessPlays and Tasks 0 Collecting Feedback

Run Manual Campaign from User Page

Similar to run manual successplay, ability to send a templated (campaign) email.
Rachel Timman 10 months ago in Campaigns 0 Collecting Feedback

Schedule functionality must account for Daylight Savings

Right now the Scheduling Campaign option only "Standard Time" and doesn't account for Daylight Savings. The schedule function should be working for all time changes since it is very useful for planning one sent campaign. This allows for to render ...
Guest 6 months ago in Campaigns 0 Collecting Feedback

HTML option for Company Signature on Global Settings

It has come to our attention that if recipients do not fully download the email and it's images due to their security settings, we are getting a false negatove on the 'Email Opened" option on a number of targeted users. This results in campaign su...
Guest about 1 month ago in Campaigns 0 Collecting Feedback

Improved email campaign reporting

I'd like to be able to use attributes to filter the campaign performance for better comparisons, like account language.
Guest about 2 months ago in Campaigns 0 Planned