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Lookup tables in CDH jobs

The job in Totango always connected to one source of information so if we want to combine the results of queries from one source with results of query from different sources we need to do it manually in 3rd data source. Lookup tables which will be...
Anton Razumovskyi about 1 month ago in APIs & Data 0


We would like the ability to create a checkbox attribute.
Ariel McCollough 4 months ago in APIs & Data 5 Collecting Feedback

Integrating Email and Calendar

Hi Team, We need to have the capability of integrating our email and calendar like Customer Success Box so that the conversation can be tracked inside the account. Right now it is a hassle to tag totango email in BCC for all the emails we are send...
Guest 3 months ago in APIs & Data / Customer Data Hub 0 Planned

Role type for contacts

Ability to add a drop down list of role types to contacts. This would allow campaigns to be more granular against certain types of contacts
MĂ©lanie O' Donovan 4 months ago in APIs & Data 1 Collecting Feedback

Surface attribute change date as its own attribute

Some attributes in Totango will show the date they changed in the account overview UI by clicking the chart icon: Since we know this data exists in Totango, we'd like for it to be surfaced as its own attribute. The supporting use-case we have for ...
Hayden Cederstrom 7 months ago in APIs & Data 0 Collecting Feedback

Rolling up of usage to headquarter levels

As an user, we need to see the usage reflected upto the head quarter level without drilling down upto the locations or product. This will allow us to have users focus and see an agregate data in a higher level. Current scenario does not allow us t...
Guest 3 months ago in APIs & Data 1

Filter attributes

Being able to filter search a parent's child attributes and vice versa ( I know this is super non trivial to do but would be awesome)
Guest 3 months ago in APIs & Data / Segments 2 Collecting Feedback

Currency values mapping

Hi Team, I see that you have attributes to add currency but by default the contract value shows in $ which is not good. Can we map the currency based upon Geography of the client or when we set the attribute as AED the contract value should be dis...
Guest 3 months ago in APIs & Data 1 Collecting Feedback

Ability to lock an account or user record to prevent automated deletion

There is a data retention section under data management which we use to configure the amount of time an account, user, or collection record is inactive before it is deleted. It will be valuable if we have the ability to lock an account, user, or c...
Guest 3 months ago in APIs & Data 0 Collecting Feedback

Ability to edit attributes on product widget (on parent account)

I would like to add the licenses from the products onto the product widget. It seems that editing the widget may have been possible in the past, and I would like to surface the attributes most important to me on this view.
Kirsten Bardwell 29 days ago in APIs & Data 1 Planned