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Ability to White Label 2 email domains

We use two different email domains for our two teams, but we are only able to white label one. We need the ability to white label a second email domain.
Kirsten Bardwell 1 day ago in  0

Move Tasks in Bulk

I have a notoriously long task list each day, and I don't like letting them fall into overdues. So every day when I am finished with work, I manually move out each of my tasks to the next work day. This is something I have been doing for years, an...
Guest 5 days ago in Tasks 1

user attribute definitions

We need a definition box for our user attributes similar to what is available on the account information level
Guest 1 day ago in  0

Expand number of custom metrics we can create

I would like to be able to create more than the 70 metrics we are currently restricted to
Guest 1 day ago in APIs & Data 0

visualization of deals

It'll be useful to have visualization of current upselling negociations and the final state of these. Not only as a flow in touchpoint but like a deal visualization to know historic changes on deal value and what and when they acquired new features.
Claudia Vogel 1 day ago in  0

Attributes with no value to be reflected in ALL in the accounts not in KEY Info

I wanted to remove any information that is not KEY info in the accounts and move it to the ALL part by dimensions. Once I removed the Risk attributes from the Key info I saw they I am blocked by the system to add them in the ALL List. Support expl...
Guest 3 days ago in  0

Ability to clone or reference account-level user to product-level

Use case: We are bringing users in at the account/parent level and then CSMs add them as contacts at the child level, as there is no indication in SFDC to what team/child they belong to. None of the attributes are copied over, which makes it impos...
Kirsten Bardwell 3 days ago in  0

Task With No Due Date

We would like to have an option to have a task without a due date
Guest 3 days ago in Tasks 0

Recurring touchpoint

away to add Recurring Toucpoints on both Account and Project level
Guest 6 days ago in Touchpoints 0

Allow scorecards to be filterable by account.

Today, scorecards can be filtered by Totango user. We need the ability to create scorecards then filter those scorecards by account.
Jeremy Donaldson about 2 months ago in Scorecards 1 Collecting Feedback